Wind and tides permitting, we have an excellent Laser I and Laser II to take out sailing, and an experienced manager to guide you. At most times of the day, the lagoon is largely sheltered from the onshore winds and makes an ideal spot to learn to sail.



The coral off the coast is home to myriad fish, sea anenomies and countless other creatures to drift over and marvel at. For the more ambitious, a dhow trip can take you further out. We have a number of sets of fins, snorkels and goggles for different ages and sizes.



We also have a number of one and two person Kayaks to explore the coastline around the lodge from a different perspective. We have plenty of life jackets for all activities.



Depending on the tide, there are a number of spots where you can safely swim off the beach outside the main banda. At other times, when the currents are strong, or for those less adventurous, there is always the serenity of the swimming pool!



Follow in the footsteps of the notable explorers Burton, Speke, Grant and Stanley who all came through these parts. Take a historical tour of ancient trading port of Bagamoyo on the main coast, or wander down the spit exploring the flora and fauna of the mangrove forests.