• Accommodation

Staying on the Island

Lazy Lagoon features 12 en suite beach bandas with twin or double beds, and an upstairs ‘loft’ with two twin beds, ideal for older children. Each spacious banda has both an upstairs balcony and a porch with unimpeded sea views and access straight on to the beach.

There can’t be many more relaxing ways to start a day than to watch the early morning ngalawas go out fishing, whilst sipping a coffee on your own veranda, or walking down to the beach to look in rock pools in your pyjamas!

Although the island is small, its variety of ecosystems is large. The island is protected by coral, maintaining its pristine beaches and abundant aquatic life. One side of the island is comprised of white sandy beach, with the opposite side comprised of sandstone/coral. 

Once you have explored the perimeter of Lazy Lagoon, the island interior awaits. Mangrove forest runs the length of the island, supporting many species of flora and fauna, including Suni Antelope, Bush Babies, Vervet Monkeys, Hermit Crabs, and Bush Babies. 

When on Lazy Lagoon Island, you are truly secluded, allowing you to fully relax and unwind from the busy world. This off-the-grid existence extends to the island utilities, whereby freshwater must be boated across from the mainland, and electricity is run by generator at set hours during the day.