• Arial footage of Lazy Lagoon Island
    Off the Grid

Life on the Island

The Fox Family built Lazy Lagoon Island Lodge with the environment and local community as a focal point.

Although the island is small, its variety of ecosystems is large. The island is protected by coral, maintaining its pristine beaches and abundant aquatic life. One side of the island is comprised of white sandy beaches, with the opposite side comprised of sandstone/coral.

Once you have explored the perimeter of Lazy Lagoon, the island interior awaits. Mangrove forest runs the length of the island, supporting many species of flora and fauna, including Suni Antelope, Bush Babies, Vervet Monkeys, Hermit Crabs, and Bush Babies.

Our beach bandas and main guest area have been built by local people using their unique Swahili architectural design and style, maximising airflow and limiting the effect on the surrounding ecosystem. The interior is furnished by local craftsmen and decorated by Neema Crafts, a charity supporting those with dissabilities. 

When on Lazy Lagoon Island, you are truly secluded, allowing you to fully relax and unwind from the busy world. This off-the-grid existence extends to the island utilities, whereby freshwater must be boated across from the mainland, and electricity is run by generator at set hours during the day.

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